50 Shades of Green (2023)
an ongoing illustrated encyclopedia of cannabis strains 
this edition showcases the first 25 illustrations of the series

loop staple bound and indigo print, 28 pages, 4 X 5.5 in.

Monstres Sacrés (2021)
From ancient Pompeii to the geysers of Yellowstone
to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and the surface of Jupiter
this book takes you on a journey to the heart of the earth
to discover the most famous of these geological monsters

Publisher: Éditions de la Pastèque
Illustrator: Aless Mc
Author: Julie Roberge
Editor: Aurore Lehman
Graphic Designer: Jolin Masson

four-color process printing with hard cover, 88 pages, 22,5 × 33 cm.

Yellow Cedar Award 2024 - Nomination
Ragazzi 2022 - Non-Fiction - Winner
International Géography Festival of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges 2022 - Nomination


The Lady of Shalott (2022)
this zine tells the tragic story of a noblewoman stranded in a tower
inspired by the poem by Lord Baron Tennyson (1833)
a graphical exploration of medieval codes and imagery
put together into a contemporary reading of a popular English poem

staple bound and indigo print, 32 pages, 5 X 6.5 in.

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